We design and build amazing blockchain games while focusing on visuals and best possible user experience

Our mission is to systematically raise the standard of gaming experience using blockchain technology and world-class graphics. To help people play, enjoy, experiment and maximize their success by earning sustainably. Our goal is to embark millions of people into the blockchain gaming ecosystem by creating games with the highest player retention and engagement level in the industry. We will reinvent blockchain gaming by making it fun and entertaining.


Players enrolled by 2026


NFT in-game items and characters


Our love for Web 3.0 and NFT materializes in Blockchain games.


We're VERY passionate about the art. We can't even stress it enough. We believe that blockchain gaming projects have neglected for too long the visual component of the ”fun”. Lots of projects in the space launched without a clear visual/graphic vision, therefore providing a ”not so nice” experience for the players. Gaming IS about how things look. At Zugzwang LABS we take our time to deliver best possible art and visuals on our projects. 

Seamless integration

Blockchain is ”old enough” already for those past decade solutions. Web3 games should not be any more complicated to interact with than any other ”normal” game. Playing a blockchain game should be just as easy as any other game on the Google Play market or Apple Store. We strive to bring the best integration solutions, for an amazing user experience.

Cross-Chain Fun

We would not dare to say we're any kind of maximalists. We believe in the crypto space growth as a whole, and don't take any part in ”killing” one or another blockchain. Polygon, Solana, Flow, Elrond, Celestia - they are all here to stay, and we think the best thing to do is to build on all of them. 

The future is mobile

While not neglecting the desktop geeks, we believe the future of gaming is mobile, therefore our focus is to embark thousands and millions of players into crypto space through mobile blockchain games. Here at Zugzwang we are constantly in pursuit of new ideas and solutions for a staggering experience for mobile gamers.


The ZZW token stands at the core of our gaming ecosystem.
With ZZW we can guarantee a working economy of the Zugzwang space as a whole!

Building a sustainable in-game economy is not an easy task. And the more games you build inside a single ecosystem the harder it gets. We found the perfect solution for this. We strongly believe we can make it work with a single governance token and cross-chain availability in all the games we bring to life. The ZZW token will stand ad the core of our gaming ecosystem making it valuable enough for trading as well as governance. And given the fact that ZugzwangDAO is around the corner, it's only fair that we should build it around a unique token with strong fundamentals and a working tokenomics.


Young doesn't mean inexperienced. Here are our main titles we're currently working on.



We're young, we're passionate, we're determined. This is who we are. Feel free to connect with us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

Anatol Ursu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Graphic and Game Designer with more than 10 years experience. Worked with Australian Open, Johnson and Johnson and The World Bank. Went into crypto and NFT gaming because I believe the future is fun, bright and decentralized.

Vitalie Prisăcaru

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Vitalie is a seasoned marketing and PR specialist with a history of effectively promoting e-commerce brands and NFT projects, currently serving as Marketing Director at Satoshi Club, a leading crypto community.

Anis Megdoud

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The ultimate game wizard! Anis rocked the industry, proving countless times skills that helped make some seriously cool titles! His creative whiz doesn't just work on games; he practically lives inside his own Matrix. From dreaming up epic quests to cracking the Unity code, Anis is your go-to for all things gaming.

Petru Plămădeală

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Serial entrepreneur since 2013. Co-founder of several electronic payments companies, production of self-service equipment and digitalization. Tasted and entered the crypto world 3 years ago. Determined to build technology projects in the economy of the future.

Want to talk about your web3 or NFT project? Feel free to  contact us!